Thursday, May 06, 2004

Guitar Can Change the World

I have proclaimed the Pixies my favorite band of all time. About a milli-fraction behind them would be the Throwing Muses, another band I was fortunate enough to catch twice during their reunion tour last year (Tanya included for full reunion effect). Kristin Hersh continues to make music that I love (unlike any of the members of the Pixies), so I haven't felt as removed from this band as I did from the Pixies. Hell - they broke up by fax - they were that removed from each other.

My absolute favorite song by the Muses is "Two Step" from the Real Ramona album. It only has a few lines and they don't make much sense, but it's more about the intertwining of Kristin & Tanya's voices, and the lilting guitar, than anything else. Uber dreamy. I saw something called the Throwing Muses Gut Pagent in SF a few years ago, which was basically the Muses (sans Tanya) doing a show and having a party for their super dork fans, like myself. This included what they called "Throwing Muses karaoke," which had the band playing and an audience member singing along. And not badly, I may add. I wanted to do "Two Step," but I would never sing outside of my car, ever. I also DJed at KALX, Berkeley for 10 years, almost to the day, and the very last song I played on the Bay Area airwaves was "Two Step.

I love that I'm not the only one who thinks this song is so awesome. Today at McSweeney's, someone chose to wax poetic about that particular track. Mmmm, it's that good.