Thursday, September 28, 2006

Yowza Yowza Yowza

Little Radio Playlist 9/28/06

Feelin' a bit groovy for this show...

Papau New Guinea - Future Sound of London
Tito's Way - The Juan Maclean
Lickout - The Hip Joints
What'd I Say - Parts 1 & 2
Terror - The Rakes
Transmission - Joy Division
The Mask feat. Ghostface - Danger Doom
You're Thing Ain't No Good Without My Thing - Marie "Queenie" Lyons
Twine Time - Alvin Cash & the Crawlers
Right On - Ray Barretto
Do It Right - The Three Tops feat. Phyllis Dillon
Pnoy Express - The Pioneers
Nite Klub - The Specials
She Bangs the Drums - The Stone Roses
Uptown Again - The Afghan Whigs
Feel Good Hit of the Summer - Queens of the Stone Age
Dynastie Crisis - Faust 72
A Minha Menina - Os Mutantes
Kamasutra - Vampyros Lesbos soundtrack
Golden Years - David Bowie
Tobago - Nature Boy
I Love A Man in a Uniform - Gang of Four
Editions of You - Roxy Music
Reflections - The Supremes
A Lover's Concerto - The Toys
How Do You Let A Good Man Down - Sharon Jones
Liberation Conversation - Marlena Shaw
Carry On - Jean Knight
Bold Soul Sister - Ike & Tina Turner
Sing A Simple Song - Sly & the Family Stone

Get down, my friends...

Monday, September 18, 2006

Sweet Mary Jane

2 weekends ago, after I got back from a horrid trip to Dallas (it wasn't totally Dallas' fault), I went to see an awesome show. Neko Case (swoon!), Ryan Adams (double swoon!) and Willie Nelson (whoa nelly!). It was at the Hollywood Bowl, a swanky outdoor affair in the hills.

Neko Case was amazing. I went by myself, and was sitting in a pack of older folks. Like their late 50's, early 60's. They had no clue who Neko Case was. One fellow said to me, "You like her?" "Oh," I replied, "I LOVE her." "Well, she's different." I never get that. She's about as country as country gets to me, except for the fact that she also kinda sounds like a soul singer. I suppose that's different. By the end of her set, my benchmates were won over, and busted out the pot brownies.

Good thing they did, because as soon as she ended, the stage rotated around to present a totally yoked out Ryan Adams (in hip worn thin Batman tee) and his band. They immediately kicked into "Cold Roses" and then pretty much did songs just like it for the next hour. He was doing his best Neil Young/ Grateful Dead possible. You know, the first time I went to a Dead show, I fell asleep. The second time, I was smarter about it and took shrooms. There was no such relief this evening... I even got bored thinking about how hot Mr. Adams looked. (Has he been doing yoga for like, 8 hours a day or something? Wow.) Anyway, he broke it up a little with an injection of "Shakedown on 9th Street," which made me realized how sleepy I'd gotten. I guess I should just be glad he showed up and played anything, right?

And then, Mr. Willie Nelson.

Honestly, I couldn't tell you what he did because I was on a contact high. I remember "Always On My Mind," "On the Road Again," "Whiskey River," "Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys," "Me & Paul," and "Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground" (LOVE that one!). I remember he let his sister Bobbie do a piano jam, and he let his mega hot sons do a rippin' blues number. And Willie's pants were pulled up to his nipples and his bandana kept the braids in check. That band was having a good ole time, for sure.

How good a time they were having was verified by the police today, as Willie and his band got busted for pot and 'shrooms on the bus. I just love that a 73 year old got nailed with 1 1/2 pounds of pot, AND 'shrooms! Of course, the whole band claimed the drugs, so everyone got a misdemeanor.

And after the cops left, they had to figure out where to score more weed. Dude!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Stalker Tendencies

I finally made it back to Little Radio.


Whiskey River - Willie Nelson
You Should See Her Now - Tim Rogers
Breathless - Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
Death & the Maiden - The Verlaines
Ahead - Wire
Ain't No Mountain High Enough - Diana Ross
Hard to Handle - Patti Drew
Seven Days - The Apollas
Watcha Gonna Do About It - The Small Faces
Your Mama Won't Like Me - Suzi Quatro
Ethyl My Love - The Muffs
Already Gone - The Eagles
What Am I Doing Hangin' Round - The Monkees
Too Far Gone - The Feelies
Charles - Scrawl
What Would the Community Think - Cat Power
Heavy Heart - You Am I
The Applecross Wing Commander - You Am I
Ordinary - You Am I
Arse Kicking Lady From the Northwest - Tim Rogers & the Twin Set
Who Takes Who Home - You Am I
I've Just Seen A Face - The Beatles
I Hope This Makes It Easier For You - Actionslacks
Decatur St. - Twilight Singers
Crumbs Off The Table - Laura Lee
Something I've Got To Tell You - The Honeycombs
Crimson & Clover - Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
I Wish I Was the Moon - Neko Case
A Man Like Me - Beulah
Movies of Antarctica - Stars of Track and Field
Ocean Rain - Echo & the Bunnymen

As you can see, I wound up doing a bit of a You Am I thing. You Am I are a brilliant rock band from Australia, playing at Spaceland in LA on October 22nd, and the Bottom of the Hill in SF on the 23rd. Then the Twilight Singers are playing SF's Great American on the 24th and LA's House of Blues the 25th. (If you were a good stalker, you'd know where to find me each of those nights.)

You see, on August 30th, I got to see Tim Rogers & Tex Perkins play at Tangiers in Los Feliz just a not-so-quick walk from my house. Who the fuck are they? (You may ask...) Tim Rogers fronts one of Australia's best bands, you Am I. I mean, they play freakin' stadiums and shit (well, maybe not that huge, but pretty damn huge) over in Oz, and here they play bitty clubs. Tex Perkins fronts the Beasts of Bourbon. Not as huge as You Am I, but still notable for sure.

Anyway, the two of them released a record together called T N T (clever on sooo many levels, boys), partially silly and partially heartbreaking, and all around good. Then they played these little venues around the States. I was there with maybe 40 other people, and talked to Tim afterwards and took the dorky pic that didn't turn out but was still glad to do so. He was terribly nice.

Thing is, You Am I hasn't played California since about 1998 or so. I can't remember the exact date, but it was a long time ago. And they'll be here twice. And I'm going.

It just so happens that my other current favorite band (and friends... Isn't it lucky when you like your friends' band?)will be starting their current leg of the Powder Burns tour the very next night in SF... The Twilight Singers. Greg Dulli and Mark Lanegan (hmmm, the Gutter Twins and T N T... are all my favorite bands getting all "we are family" and shit on me?) will awe the crowds again all over the frikkin' world for 7 weeks.

Guess we have some rock shows to attend, right?