Thursday, November 29, 2007

Peach Kelli Pop!

A few weeks ago, me & the BFF went to check out a show that was very nostalgic for us... Redd Kross.

In the late 80's and early 90's, I used to drive from Berkeley to LA to see Redd Kross with my BFF all the time. Sure, they came to the Bay too, and I'd see them there, but to see them in LA with my friends was way better. We love, love loved them, and every show was a blast.
The McDonald Brothers had this long, beautiful hair which they rocked with wild abandon. They would bust out into the most unexpected covers at any moment, tell crazy stories and hilarious jokes, and then hit us with their yowling bubblegum punk and we always left with hot, sweaty smiles on our faces.

The last show they did at the Echoplex on November 2nd was no exception. Even though no one's hair was as long (or in some cases, existent), and the were no covers, and not as many jokes... There was still silliness and rock. The busted out stuff they hadn't done in forever ("Linda Blair!"), and played them chronologically. And when you thought they were through, they started all over again with a new set! So, once again, we left with hot, sweaty smiles on our faces.

Here's a clip of one of the tracks they did - except that this is a fuzzy old video of them in their wild tressed glory. It's for "I'll Blow You A Kiss In The Wind."

And here's a clip of the original version. See why Redd Kross are such geniuses? Swoooooooon...

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hook & Sling

I'm not the only one who likes Ms. Jones, it turns out... Her show at the El Rey next Tuesday is sold out, and I got to give away all my tix on Little Radio last night. Thanks so much for writing in! She is a blast live, I can't wait!

And now, the playlist:

Little Radio Playlist

Shark Fin Blues - The Drones
Speed & Sleep (acoustic) - Kristin Hersh
Freak Scene - Dinosaur Jr.
Malibu '69 - Grant McLennan
Suddenly Upside Down - Oranger
Reckoner - Radiohead
Polar Bear - Ride
Starman - David Bowie
Smoke - Dimmer
Nights Are Long - Intramural
Traffic Boom - Piero Piccioni
Spreadin' Honey - The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band
Dead End Street - Lou Rawls
The Wrong Way - TV On the Radio
This Land Is Your Land - Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings
Tell Me - Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings
Got To Be The Way It Is - Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings
How Long Do I Have To wait For You (Ticklah remix) - Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings
100 Days, 100 Nights - Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings
To hell With Poverty - Gang of Four
Romantic Rights - Death From Above 1979
Feel Good Hit of the Summer - Queens of the Stone Age
Double Vision - The Ponys
Country Girl - Primal Scream
Foolin' Around - Patsy Cline
Brown Eyed Handsome Man - Wanda Jackson
Give Back the Key To My Heart - Uncle Tupelo
Up On Cripple Creek - The Band
Red Eye To Nashville - The Brillantines
Shake Sugaree - Mary Lou Lord & Elliott Smith
Think - Lyn Collins

Click here to download past shows...

The Mo Show
6-8pm PST (9pm EST, 3am Tuesday in Berlin and 1pm Tuesday in Sydney)

Muchos gracias!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Why This MO-nday Will Rule!

I'm giving away tickets to see the amazing Miss SHARON JONES on Little Radio during my show this Monday. Tune in for details, and tons of great music!

The Sharon Jones show will be Tuesday, December 4th at the El Rey. If you've never seen her, then for God's sake - GO! They don't call her the female James Brown for nothin'!

Read a really cool interview I got to do with her here.

The Mo Show
6-8pm PST (9pm EST, 3am Tuesday in Berlin and 1pm Tuesday in Sydney)

And once I'm done at Little Radio, I'm gonna get my ass over to The Thought Gallery on Cahuenga, next door to the Burgundy Room in Hollywood, to check out Torrance Stonewall Jackson. He's got a voice that shivers me timbers - and will shiver yours too. Check him out - it's free and fantastic!

Monday, November 19, 2007

As Promised!

I'm getting my playlist from tonight's show up quickly. Because you guys asked, and thank you for doing so! It's nice to know folks are out there listening. Well, folks other than my Dad (thanks Padre!).

So here 'tis:

Little Radio Playlist

Band On the Run - Foo Fighters
Ockham's Razor - The Mint Chicks
Check It Out - Komeda
He's A Mover - Nikki & The Corvettes
Hey Sailor - The Detroit Cobras
Annie's Gone - Redd Kross
Careless Whisper - The Gossip
Spy - Intramural
Kitty In The Middle - The Presets
The Dreaming - Kate Bush
Boyz - M.I.A.
Sweet Talk - Spank Rock
Go Places - The New Pornographers
She Goes To Bed - Jason Falkner
When My Baby's Beside Me - Big Star
Death & he Maiden - The Verlaines
The Killing Moon - Echo & The Bunnymen
What A Bam Bam - Derrick Morgan
Swing & Dine - The Melodians
Cupid - Amy Winehouse
Young Americans - David Bowie
Spooky - Dusty Springfield
In The Mausoleum - Beirut
Gypsy's Curse - Calexico
Arrow To My Drunken Eye - Carla Bozulich
City of Sleep - Great Northern
Ghosts - Japan
Dirty Little Secret - Carolyn Mark & the Roommates
Dumb - Tim Rogers & the temperance Union
Teenage FBI - Guided By Voices

Well, it went something like that. I don't know - I realized I forgot to write down the Redd Kross track, so I put it where I think it goes. We'll all have to wait for the podcast to be sure. That damn newfangled webcam has thrown me off my game!

Tune in every week!
The Mo Show
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Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Night At The Opera

I suppose it was actually the Walt Disney Hall last Friday night, for a lovely night of Bittersweet Country with Neko Case. At least that's how it was billed.

It was Neko playing songs in the round (I guess that's how you see things in this particular space) and having to explain each one before performing... It was a songwriter's series, you see, and the LA Phil required those invited to 'fess up a bit about the lyrics. Neko Case is not exactly a linear writer these days, tending to represent several perspectives within a single song without much to clue you in.

I rarely remember what is performed at shows I go to - I think I'm just too "in the moment" or something - but here's what I remember about this. "Favorite" was the first song she wrote completely on her own and it was about a dream where Fate is your friend but causes bad things to happen to you anyway. "Star Witness" is about a boy walking through his neighborhood and the things he sees and hears along the way. "Hold On Hold On" is about being a feeling lame for being single. "Lady Pilot" is about how she was on a scary flight once, but found out there was a lady pilot so she figured everything would be okay. "I Wish I Was The Moon" is about her dad, and "Dirty Knife" is based on a story her Ukranian grandmother told her.

That's how I remember it, and I'm probably not totally right, but hey - that's memory for you. Besides, I was pretty "in the moment," because it was pretty "awesome."

Here's a clip from a show I got to see in my hometown (or right next door) at the Belly Up tavern in Solana Beach last February, doing one of my absolute favorites, "Favorite."

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Oh, Los Angeles in November

It's actually quite warm!

Southern California doesn't really have seasons... it's either hot, cold, dry or wet. Sure, I can't wear miniskirts and shorts every day right now, but I can still wear t-shirts and the occasional hoodie, you know? And then this week, we have another lovely heatwave. This is soooooo easy on my wardrobe...

But you really just want to know what I played on my radio show the other night, right? Here goes!

Little Radio Playlist

Bliss In Concrete - Pelican
Raleigh - Arcwelder
Rocks Off - The High Society
NYC 73 - The High Society
Ice Cream Song - The Dynamics
Could I Be Right - On The Speakers
Move Over - Betchadupa
From the Ground - Intramural
Wanderlust - The Delays
Hideaway - Comet Gain
Our Secrets - im, Son of james
Lovesick - Lisa Germano
My Favorite Book - Stars
Time Stands Still - Cut Copy
Fancy Footwork - Chromeo
This Is Helena - OMD
Easier To Say - Betty LaVette
Why (Am I Treated So Bad) - The Sweet Inspirations
God Will Dry My Weeping Eyes - The Horace Family
Hard To Handle - Patty Drew
True Love Pt. 2 - X
Monkey david Wine - David Allen Coe
Saint John - Cold War Kids
My own Blood - Luther Russell
Christian in Black - Rogue Wave
The Crane Wife 3 - The Decemberists
A Hint of Blood - Mobius Band
Bad Penny - Big Black
Boychucker - Rocket from the Crypt

If you wanna check it out yourself, go here to download the show.

Tune in every week!
The Mo Show
Mondays 6-8pm PST

Thanks a bunch!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Wave Your Guns In the Air

Last Friday, Raquel & I went to see M.I.A.

The thing I think I liked best about this show was M.I.A.'s ability to make white people act like dorks. Really. The place was not as packed with hipsters as I thought (M.I.A. is just sooooo 2004) altough there were a few American Apparel rejects strutting their gold spandex tube top stuff.

When M.I.A. & gang hit the stage, it was full on third world glamfest. Anyone who's done a bit of traveling, has family from another country (a non -European one), or has wandered over to Telemundo has seen it: Girls in tight shiny outfits shaking their asses and yelling, hoodies and sunglasses and fancy lights along with stage projections of street dancing and even more booty shots than you see in a T-Pain video.

That was the M.I.A. show - pushed full force onto an appreciative audience of white people who danced like fools and sang loudly as if they knew the all the words and pumped their fists and shot their fingers in the air whenever the keyboards blasted a gunshot sound effect.

It was a damn good time.

(And here's a clip from her at Lollapalooza... not even close to last Friday, but still fun for sure.)

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

It's Officially Fall

It's finally gotten nippy in the air, the sun is hiding behind the clouds, and the music is getting melodramatic and dreamy. Kinda. Well, see for yourself:

Little Radio Playlist

This Time - The Drones
Panic in Detroit - David Bowie
If It Was Good Enough For Daddy - Clarence Reid
Give It Up Or Turn it Loose - Lyn Collins
I Know It's Wrong - All Smiles
Love's lost uarantee - Rogue Wave
All The Miles - Amy Millan
No Mater Where You Go... - Blanche
My Pal - Peabody
Linda Blair - Redd Kross
I Wanna Be Adored - The Stone Roses
Maze of Love - Dave Clark Five
How Does it Feel - The Creation
Try A Little Sunshine - Factory
Cosmic Sea - Mystic Moods
Barracuda - Miho Hatori
Pretend - Paula Frazer & Tarnation
Blame You - Edith Frost
A New England - Billy Bragg
Nobody Cares - Sarabeth Tucek
Brunettes Against Bubblegum Youth - The Brunettes
Steady Boyfriend - April Young
Do You Wanna Hold Me - Bow Wow Wow
Hook & Sling - Eddie Bo
You've Been Gone Too Long - Ann Sexton
Your Thing Ain't No Good Without My Thing - Marie "Queenie" Lyons
Soul Dressing - Booker T & the MG's
Nantes - Beirut
Rocket - Intramural
Love's Easy Tears - Cocteau Twins
Tomorrow Never Knows - Beatles
Hack It Off - Barkmarket

And guess what? It got posted right away, so go here to download the show.

Tune in every week!
The Mo Show
Mondays 6-8pm PST

Thanks a bunch!