Friday, June 24, 2005

Down With the Sickness

I got a cold a couple of weeks ago, but I tried to pretend like I didn't have it. One day, I sort of couldn't function, so I didn't go out that night. Other than that, I continued on my hectic schedule of travel and shows - because I am a girl who hates to miss ANYTHING.

So yesterday when I was brushing my teeth, I realized that I was about ready to fall over. I knew that I was still sick, ridiculously congested and achy, but had been in denial until that moment. Well, deny no more - off to the doctor!

I've been diagnosed with Pharyngitis. It's not that big a deal, just a mild infection of the tonsils and the sinus and a little ear stuff. They loaded me up with anti-biotics and sent me on my way. The part that got me was the little conversation I had with my doctor after he told me what I had...

Dr: Open your mouth... Oh, yes.
Me: Uh?
Dr: Yes, yes. Let's see your nose. Mmm hmmm.
Me: Just a sinus thing?
Dr: Well, a little more than that. It's pharyngitis. I see you never had your tonsils removed.
Me: Is that bad?
Dr: Not unless you get infections all the time. Do you?
Me: No.
Dr: Then it's fine. This isn't so bad - just an infection antibiotics can take care of in a couple days, although it could linger a couple of weeks. I rarely see it in adults, though.
Me: Really? It's a kids' thing?
Dr: Yea, I see a lot of 3rd graders with this. Have you been hanging around with a lot of 3rd graders?
Me: Actually, on Sunday I went to a children's play in a park with a whole lot of kids.
Dr: Either your plane ride could have irritated your cold and caused this, but more likely it was the kids.
Me: Great.

Kids, the ultimate germ factories. Lucky me. At least my doctor was cool enough to give me some drugs that should have me rockin' & rollin' by the 4th of July!