Thursday, May 26, 2005

White Supremacy

Last Sunday, some gal pals and I were discussing the whole white shoes thing. Like, when is it okay to wear them? I actually don't think I've ever owned any white shoes myself, except for tennis shoes, and anyone who knows me knows how often I wear tennis shoes. (Um, never.)

What I know about white shoes, I learned from "Serial Mom." (Remember how she kills Patty Hearst with a telephone receiver for wearing them after Labor Day, while Patty cries, "Fashions change!")

Technically, it's okay to wear them after Memorial Day. White shoes are a summer thing, apparently. I came across a whole article on it the other day. Not only are there rules about when to wear them, but there are all kinds of rules if you choose to wear them as well.

_ Accessories designer Kate Spade wears her white jeweled sandals or ballet slippers with white or black cigarette pants or jeans, an "easy and crisp" look for summer.

_ Victoria's Secret model Ines Rivero, who walks runways around the world in all sorts of footwear, owns three pairs of white shoes for her personal wardrobe. Her favorites are white satin Manolo Blahniks, which she wears with jeans.

_ Michael Kors says white shoes are OK for men and women as long as the wearer has kept up on his or her grooming. "They look best with self-tanner and a good pedicure, preferably not red nails."

_ Even though she's a fashionista, Suze Yalof Schwartz, Glamour's executive fashion editor at large, is not as big a fan of the white shoes as her stylish peers: "I'd have to agree with Mom. I think they (white shoes) are fine with a wedding dress or a nurse's uniform, or if you're on the courts playing tennis. I know people might be wearing them elsewhere, but they shouldn't."

Oh my. The eternal debate rages on...