Monday, May 16, 2005

Second Hand News

I didn't get to go to the LCD Soundsystem/ MIA show last night, but I know someone who did. She got her ticket through a friend who works at a management company, who knows a music supervisor who is tight with a label guy who hit up the promotion person for the venue, or something like that. It seemed like that was the only way to get a ticket - squeeze it out of some industry crevice. I don't know anyone who bought one. Neither did she.

Which makes her tale all the more interesting. Let me paraphrase:

"When we got to the show, it was so oversold that they said they couldn't honor Jen's plus one, so I couldn't go in. Of course, we screamed bullshit, and after 20 minutes, they finally let us in. The guy taking the tickets didn't believe I had gotten one legally because it didn't scan right or something, so we had to get the person who brought it to us to get us in anyway. Lame.

We saw about 3 of MIA's songs, and her encore, and she was totally badass. People were chanting her name between songs, and everyone was dancing like crazy. My friend and I looked at each other... 'Are we still in LA?' (ed. note: LA shows often suck because no one in the audience seems to care. At all. Ever. In fact, I'm not sure why they are there half the time - except maybe to say "But I was there!" How appropriate for this particular show...) We'd never seen a crowd get so into an act, much less a crowd that was supposedly so industry.

Then LCD came on, and they really made everyone nuts. Most of the people there either couldn't dance but did anyway, or had never had a drink in their lives before and overdid it at this show. There was a big white guy next to us, just gyrating and spilling his beer all over himself while yelling, 'Yeah!' It was embarrassing. Then a big drunk black girl fell on the floor in front of us, and we tried to help her up and then the big white guy fell over on top of her. It was a mess. There were couples all around us grinding, and I realized that that's what people do when they can't dance - they grind. It was, at least wherever we stood, like a big drunk frat party. Which was really weird because I thought it would be hipster central and all the skinny boys would have their arms crossed while tapping a toe and the girls with Karen-O haircuts would be swaying a bit. But I didn't see too many of those people. It was weird.

But LCD sounded great. They were really tight musically and really had the place jumping. Too bad the crowd was so lame."

I guess that's the report from the show. I'm curious to hear others, but I'll have a taste myself as a friend who knows a guy who co-owns the venue where MIA is playing Tuesday night got us a pair of tickets. I TOLD you that was the only way to get them.