Thursday, May 12, 2005

And Now, a Word from My Sponsors...

I am not a fashionista by any stretch of the word, but I can dress ok. I try to find fun pieces to accent things, and a couple of them are SO fun that people practically try to buy them off me when I wear them. I'm not joking. And now my friends are selling them, so y'all can leave me alone.

Guitar pick earrings.

Evidently, these are pretty easy to make, but I'm lazy. A gal down the street has a handy little boutique (the wonderful Pull My Daisy) that sells these puppies pretty cheap, so I don't have to feel quite as lazy... Anytime I wear them, though, people get all ga-ga. And they're really light. Bonus!

Seat belt belts.

The first one I had is just a simple gray with a Cadillac belt buckle, so I've always referred to it as the cadillac of belts. Ha, ha, I know... My next was a black belt with flames and a Ford Mustang clasp. And my next will be the airline style. Not like I need any trouble staying locked into my pants or anything. Anyway, you can special order them from another shop up the street, the kooky Y Que.

Rose rings.

Women try to take these right off my fingers, I kid you not. A friend of mine started selling them recently, so I ordered 6 to show someone, because she wanted one. I met her in a little cafe, put the rings on the table, and within 5 minutes had sold ALL OF THEM to random women off the street. Oh, and my friend got hers. I used to buy these for about $8 a pop in SF, and I've seen them twice here in LA - for over $20. Dumb. Go to my friend's site and get 'em cheap - just know the ring size.

Now, let's go shopping!