Sunday, March 20, 2005

Sing... Sing a Song

A couple weeks ago, my best friend asked me if I wanted to go to a birthday dinner with him. I said sure, as I always wind up having a memorable night out when I hang with my best friend. The dinner consisted of nobody I knew, except for my B.F.F., and one guy I had met one time before. There were about twelve of us. And did I mention that just about everybody at the table was gay? We were in a sushi bar in West Hollywood, acting obnoxious and having fun.

I was sitting next to a guy who looked awfully familiar, but I wasn't sure why. He was funny funny funny, and turned to me and said, "Well, I don't know anybody here, what about you?" I said, "Him," while pointing to my best friend, who was chatting up a cute guy across the table. "But I think I've been abandoned." My new pal Dan & I had a lovely evening talking about drag queens in black face, the kind of guys we want to date and then the kind we wind up with, and college rivalries. (Turns out he went to Stanford, and I went to Berkeley. Somehow, we worked through it.) Then someone asked Dan if he'd been on the "Tony Danza Show," and he replied, "Yea, he's had all of us on there. It was fun, but I'm doing a 'Will & Grace' thing next week which should be a blast." "It's about time," said another guy at the table. "They've been using you for years so they should at least pay you for it."

Oh! I thought. This guy was that kid on "Who's the Boss!" That Jonathan kid... Danny Pintauro!

We exchanged email addresses because Dan had some things to send me. I was intrigued by a "singer," he told me about, a Chinese woman living in New Zealand named Wing, who was absolutely incredible. Behold: WING.

I gave her a listen. She's the Mrs. Miller of our generation. Mindnumbingly awful and charming.

And how on top of things is Dan? Well, check out the synopsis for this week's episode of South Park:
Character tentatively called "Wing" does not speak, rather only sings songs. Wing is the only client of the South Park boys' talent agency. She is captured by the Chinese mafia and put in precarious spots. Wing recordings will be used. Go to to hear the recordings used in this episode.

Oh yea. It's crazy cool. I'm watching for sure.