Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Brothers In Arms

Remember my musical countdown thing? We're at K. For the Kinks.

They were the Super Brits of the British Invasion. (This is why the mod kids still love them so, right?) The angry and dorky popster younger siblings of those other British musicians, in a way. They were actually banned from playing in the US from 1965 - 1969 by the government - too British, I suppose. The Kinks could be rowdy and obnoxious, nostalgic and introspective, nerdy or beautiful, and over the years have proven successful with many different styles. I'm a huge fan of The Village Green Preservation Society myself. Give a listen to the song "Big Sky" from that album and tell me that Robert Pollard didn't lift it for a Guided By Voices track. And I don't know anyone who doesn't love "Waterloo Sunset."

Oh yea, and don't forget about the ever dueling Davies brothers. Those Gallagher twits ain't got NOTHIN' on these two.

And they're funny. Check out this blurb taken from an interview done by Scott Cohen in Circus Magazine back in '74:

Circus: What's "Money Talks," a new Kinks song or is it an album?
Ray: It's a record being put out in the Kinks name, but in the show, the hero, or villain, which ever you like, sings that song with his floozies. Do you know what a floozie is?
Circus: No.
Ray: It's a loose lady who hangs out in bars.
Circus: Oh, I know a few floozies.
Ray: Well, "Money Talks" is their anthem.
Circus: Did you know that "Lola" is the Gay Liberation's song? It's their anthem.
Ray: No, but I had a suspicion it might be. That's nice. "Lola" is several people really. I tried to analyze it because I do think she's several people. Suppressed love.
Circus: Is it true that the Kinks feel that groupies are ruining the rock scene.?
Ray: They can't ruin the industry, but they've ruined a few musicians.