Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Highway to Hell

Everything old is new again. From today's LA Times:

Man Killed in Freeway Crash Is Believed Shot

A man died Tuesday afternoon after apparently being shot as he drove on the Harbor Freeway in South Los Angeles, where he lost control of his car and crashed into the center divider, Los Angeles police said. "It appears that he was just driving down the freeway and someone shot him and he ran into the center divider," said Los Angeles Police Department Det. Roosevelt Joseph. The gunman may have fired from another car, he said. "We found bullet casings on the road," Joseph said. "It also appears that he suffered gunshot wounds, but that hasn't been confirmed yet."

Oh please, this is so 1986. I really, really hope that people don't start shooting at each other on the freeways again. Didn't you ever see LA Story? I love the movie, but once Steve Martin's done it, it's played out. "Oh shit! Rush hour! Grab the gun! "Do bullets go bad?" "No - they're not milk, they don't have expiration dates." "He said it's the first day of spring." "Oh shit! Open season on the LA freeway!"

I never take the freeway anyhow. A true Angeleno knows how to navigate the surface streets - we are nothing without our shortcuts. And bulletproof windows.