Sunday, March 13, 2005

Breathe In, Breathe Out

A nice weekend for the rock here in LA... The Futureheads played on Friday, and the roommie says it was a fun show and that the band are terribly nice guys. So if you never got to see XTC before Andy Partridge got all diva on your ass, try the Futureheads. Nice lads who are good at what they do. Saturday night we went to check out Kasabian opening for the Music. As I'm not super into the Music, we didn't stay long for them. Kasabian was a lot of fun, but would have been a hell of a lot funner had it been 3 am and we were candy flippin' or somethin' - if you know what I mean (nudge nudge). I think the crowd has been 50/50 on their music and the show, but my friend and I thought they gave it their all and sounded awesome even if they weren't playing in a warehouse in Madchester.

And tonight, indie rock gods Slint... the precursor to Tortoise and the Rachels and June of 44 and their ilk... I think I was one of 7 girls in the crowd of 1500 or so. And the other six girls had been dragged in by their boyfriends. They were terrific, in that slow, plodding, just about ready to explode way.

But I am a girl, so I was completely distracted by the fact that Gavin Rossdale was standing a few feet away, rocking out (as much as you could rock out to Slint). That man is just too damn beautiful! Oh, it's embarrassing. I've seen him around town a few times (always sans Stefani) and he's gorgeous every time. I could just imagine him telling Gwen he was going to the show: "Oh Gwen, I'm heading out with Mike to the Slint show." "Slint? Is that the new line of Urban Decay makeup? Ooh, maybe I should go!" "No, sweetheart, Slint is a heavy indie rock band from Kentucky who made a couple of staggering mathrock guitar albums in the early 90's and influenced... well, nevermind. Have fun with the harajuku girls." "Okay, honey!"