Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Punk Rock Girl

Lois Maffeo. She's my "L."

She's pictured there with Brendan Canty, the drummer from Fugazi, who did an album with her a few years back. A really good album. Anyway, Lois used to be roommates with Courtney Love (or so the rumor goes) and she named her band after her because she was so obnoxious. Of course, Courtney threatened her with bodily harm or something, so after a couple singles, she renamed her project just "Lois." She's been around for a while, from her college radio days in Olympia championing her riot grrrrrl pals to her folksy lo-fi love rock she does these days, she's always been pretty true to herself and her punky roots. She played around with the Dub Narcotic Sound System cause she's pals with Calvin Johnson and had a band with Rebecca Gates, pre-Spinanes. So, basically, she's got lots of indie cred. Her lyrics are sweet and pointed, her songs jangly and sparse, and she's got a sense of humor. What's not to love?