Thursday, March 24, 2005

A Friend In Need

More news about Dax... There is a website set up for him now, with updates on his condition as well as news about upcoming benefits and fundraising efforts. Friends who have been to visit him in Texas report that he is completely aware of his situation and determined to overcome it. Check this out:

I helped Dax finish some music for a movie soundtrack during my stay, at his request. His eyes lit up at the sight of his trusty laptop and the multicolored ProTools waves. "Dark Heart" will contain four original instrumental Dax songs. They're sublime. Music is everything to this man. There's more to come.

There are benefits being planned all over the world. Dates will be posted on the website, but here are some of the locations and artists involved.


London, Munich, Berlin, Zurich, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Minneapolis, Chicago, and Vancouver.


Chris Cunningham, Four Tet, Hood, members of Super Furry Animals, The Notwist, the Morr Music label, B. Fleischmann, Def Jux, Fog, Rhymesayers, Alias, Why?, SAGAN, Boom Bip, Mush records, Frog Eyes, Atmosphere, Sage Francis and more.

We love our Dax!!