Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Up On The Catwalk

While in Florida this past weekend, I watched a marathon of "Project Runway." I'm not a fan of reality TV, but it was on because my friends were hooked. And their two year old really loves it when a montage is shown of people working, and then it's sped up. This just makes him laugh and laugh... So, in this environment, I fell victim to "Project Runway."

I didn't want to watch this show because, really, I'm surrounded by enough melodramatic divas in my life without having to resort to watching them on TV. And while there was definitely some of that action, I found myself sucked in by... the pretty clothes. That's right. If I had the cash, I'd be a fashionista. Since I don't, I'm simply a Mervynista. Oh well.

The ideas were fantastic, more often than not. And it gave me some girly insight to myself: watching what I liked, realizing it was already kind of my style, and re-iterating that I am a big ole fag hag. I got home from a work function this evening, chatted on the phone, fixed some dinner, and flipped on the TV... the very last episode of "Project Runway" was starting. Oooh, and Parker Posey was a guest host. (That girl will do ANYTHING, won't she?) I was in.

The winner was Jay, a gay (surprise!) guy from Pennsylvania who designed sort of intergalactic ski wear. I liked his stuff, he was cool. As always seems to be the case with fashion, I doubt I - or anyone I know for that matter - would actually ever wear his stuff in public, but it was fun to watch.

During commercials while I flipped channels, I came across an episode of "Doggyfizzle," only one of the greatest TV shows ever. Snoop Dogg and all his zany stoner pimp action? How many times can you use the word "ho" in one show? (I'd use "bitch" as an example except that we all know Dave Chappelle has stolen that crown from Snoop by now.)

Where am I going with this... how on earth can Snoop Dogg and "Project Runway" have anything in common... Well, this weekend in Florida, the twain did meet. In a strip mall, there was a clothing store called "Fashizzle."

Oh yeah. Dat's da shiznit.