Sunday, February 06, 2005

I Send A Message

When I started this A-Z music thing a few months back, I decided that when I picked a letter, whatever name popped into my head first would be the chosen subject for the day. Imagine my surprise when the letter I rolled around and I did not first think of Interpol, but INXS.

Maybe this isn't so surprising, given my Australian leanings or new wave background. And, actually, my job is going to relate to the remains of this band very soon.

INXS was a band that emerged during that early 80's new wave thing, but didn't really sound like that. They didn't really sound like anything; maybe because they came from Perth which is - according to an Aussie I know - the last outpost of civilization. The tip of South America is closer to Perth than Sydney is.

Anyway, I guess a funky blues rock band would kind of describe them, but with that synthy edge. But you've heard 'em. They even recorded with Chic's Nile Rogers for "Original Sin" which is still a tune that makes some of my girlfriends swoon. Personally, I'm a "Don't Change" swooner. Michael Hutchence was always a pretty sexy singer, at least vocally.

So Michael Hutchence was found hanging in a hotel room in Sydney, and the rumor has always been autoerotic asphysixiation. That was pretty much the end of the band. I thought.

Leave it to reality TV to bring something back from the dead, eh? "Rock Star" is the name of the show which will feature INXS auditioning for its new lead singer. The winner will then take Hutchence's place, and they'll record an album and everything. I get to work with them clearing the music they will be using for the show. The manager and members of the band I have met have been really nice, interesting guys.

Still, the whole thing leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I think that's a tad disrespectful, but since when has reality TV been anything else? The least the band could do, I think, is change their name. But then, how could they cash in?