Saturday, February 26, 2005

For Dax, My Friend.

From Lex Records:

"The Subtle tour bus was involved in a road accident on the way from Denver to Minneapolis on 24th February. Dax Pierson was injured in the accident and has been taken to hospital in Omaha. The last news we had was that Dax was awake and in intensive care. Our thoughts are with him.

The other members of the band (Adam Drucker, Jeffery Logan, Alex Kort, Marty Dowers and Jordan Dalrymple) are very shaken but not seriously injured. The band were at the start of their 2005 North American and European tour which was scheduled to last until May. All forthcoming Subtle shows are postponed until further notice."

Dax, it turns out, was pinned under the band's equipment after their bus flipped on an icy road. Some of his vertebrae were shattered. He is going to live, but will most likely be a paraplegic.(*As of 2/28/05 - Dax will most liely not be able to move anything at all below the neck.) This has opened up a whole train of thought for me about quality of life, that whole Christopher Reeve crusade, at what point can you choose to say goodbye to your friends, etc... a whole bunch of things I didn't think I'd be thinking about while preparing for a fancy little party with some friends.

The accident happened Thursday, although most of us didn't know the details until his parents had been contacted. Dax is an incredible human being, ridiculously talented and sweet, one of the cuddliest bears in town, and an all around star. I know he's not reading this, but it feels right to put my thoughts, and the thoughts of his many friends, out there... to say he fucking rocks, and we all want what is best for him and that we love him. You never take shit from anyone or anything, so don't let that stop you now.

To Dax.