Friday, April 30, 2004


The most email I ever got for doing anything on this blog was when I posted the star sightings. Oh, I got a few when my cat died, but nothing like the star sightings. I used to work in a record store, so a bunch of them come from there. Here's some sugar for you:

Johnny Depp: he was in full hobo mode, with gold teeth and everything. Just shopping for jazz and being polite to the people who worked in the store. Oh, and he was BEAUTIFUL. Meow.

Winona Ryder and Jimmy Fallon: also shopping in the store, but more with some prancing around. There was alot of running in the aisles, like they were in a musical we couldn't hear the soundtrack to. Winona was wearing a really cute white strappy sundress. It was kinda see-through, but even if it wasn't we still woulda been able to figure out that she was wearing bulky guys boxers underneath. Now THAT'S a pantyline, ladies!

Laurence Fishburne: buying snacks at Jack in the Box. He bought french fries and gave change to the crazy guy standing nearby. He's only about 5'10.

Keanu Reeves: at the Twilight Singers show the day before Thanksgiving. He looked HOT and I'm not even a fan or anything. My pal Kerry went up to him and said, "I'm already a fan, and seeing you at this show has made me an even bigger fan." Or something like that.

Vince Vaughn: actually hanging out and talking loudly at the 101 Cafe in the Best Western on Franklin in Hollywood. FYI: this is the same cafe they used in Swingers, I think when he was making eyes at the chick with a kid.

Drew Carey: at a Togo's sandwich shop in Hollywood. I made some goofy remark to the girl who made my lunch and he laughed. He wasn't wearing glasses, so I had no idea it was him till he said something in a Groucho Marx voice. He was very silly.

George Clinton: He was perhaps stoned and wearing a bright turquoise tie dyed Paraliament t-shirt. Hey man, work your product! The woman he was with was wearing the same thing, and had big colorful dreadlocked/ braided hair just like him.

Matt Dillon: My teen dream in real life loves Cuban jazz. Good choice! He was record shopping for salsa and 78s. So over the edge! Yes!

Charlize Theron & Stuart Townsend: going to the movies while holding hands and giggling like high school kids. Super cute, really.

Brad Pitt & Ed Norton: standing in the concession line and yapping at Radiohead last fall. They got hot dogs with lotsa peppers. (Okay, I didn't see this one, my friend did. But it's a good one, right? The Fight Club digs Radiohead!)

That's all for now - I'm off to Coachella to collect more stories for you!