Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Cars That Go Boom

The front axles on my Honda want to fall off, but I need them to stay on until I can get the cash together to fix 'em.

I don't drive a beater car, but my precarious financial lifestyle since moving to LA hasn't exactly allowed me to pour money into its upkeep either. I love my little car, dorky as it is, and I want to keep it around. For the time being, I won't be driving the freeways, but I never do in this town anyway. I much more enjoy taking the surface streets and looking at shops and neighborhoods as opposed to looking at other drivers behind the wheels of their status symbols while stuck in a traffic jam, while heat radiates from the road and people act oblivious because they're yapping on their phones to pass the time.

Today I was singing loudly to whatever I was listening to (yes, if you saw me driving, you'd laugh at me because I get very into my music), when I pulled to a stop at a light. Behind me was another slightly ragged 10 year old Japanese car, a practical yet stylish Toyota. There was a cute guy driving. It's always nice to see a cute guy in the car behind you. I was tapping my hands on the steering wheel when I noticed that he was sort of laughing. I figured he was either listening to talk radio or was on the phone and I couldn't see the little earplug thingy people sometimes wear while driving and using the phone. Then he tipped his sunglasses down his nose and gave me a big smile. Most definitely gave me a big smile.

Oh really? I thought. I'd never engaged in cross car flirting before, but there was a lane merge ahead so we were gonna be inching along for a bit. So I started flipping my hair around, then he was sort of tucking his behind his ears, then I was looking over the rim of my sunglasses into the rear view mirror, and then there wasn't much more to do. Luckily the traffic got going again, and before he made that fateful right hand turn that would separate us forever, he gave me a wave. Should I start checking the "missed connections" section on Craigslist?

Nice way to start the day, at least!