Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Try Not to Die


On June 1st, 2007, Amp’d Mobile Inc. filed for protection under Chapter 11 bankruptcy to restructure the business. As a result of our rapid growth, our back-end infrastructure was unable to keep up with customer demand. We are taking this step as a necessary and responsible action to sustain and strengthen our momentum in the market place.

I know, so official, right? I normally don't blog about tech stuff. I'm not a gadget girl. Hell, I can barely use my phone as it is and just sort of wrapped my head around the wi-fi thing in my apartment. Really, I'm lazy. I just like listening to music. If I learn some sort of techie trick, it is generally because I had to in order to listen to or record or mix or edit music or an interview or something.

I only invested in a cell phone in 2003. Out of duress. I was homeless and looking for a home... It was the only way. I remember when I first got my phone, I was kinda freaked out about it. "Now people can find me every second of every day?" And my wise friend Mike said, "It's not like you have to answer it, Mo." I was in the habit of leaving my phone at home, I didn't know about texting till this guy did it to me immediately after a particularly steamy night out. (He was a hunky guy with tattoos and Buddy Holly glasses - what could I do?) That text almost made me visit him in Portland.

Now I love texting. I am never without my phone. And over a year ago, I became the music content manager for Amp'd Mobile.


It's been interesting. It's been quite a ride. But still, like I said, I've never been gadget girl, and so it's time to find something a little more true to my soul. They're still getting us paychecks somehow, so I ain't quite on my ass yet.

Somehow I skipped over this whole kinda thing during the dot com craziness when I lived in the Bay Area. Thanks, KALX!

Shout out to my Bay Area peeps: I wanna come home! Send any job info may way... and in the meantime...