Monday, June 25, 2007

Do You Want To Know A Secret?

You know that band from the 60's... that one that had some funky records some people got really into for a while... that one called THE BEATLES?

Well, one of the last two remaining members is going to be performing a free instore show at Amoeba Music in Hollywood.

Yep. Totally true. And by the time you read this post, the news will be out and people will be camping on Ivar for a prime spot. Hell, it's a good time of year for it, right?

The McCartney camp contacted the store some time ago to set this up - I'm guessing it's part of his new alternative marketing strategy. Who cares why? Paul McCartney is going to be doing a free instore at Amoeba! It's my understanding that the Amoeba stage will undergo a bit of a transformation the night before the show. The store itself will be closed from 4-6pm or so that day for, so if you think you can sneak in and get a good place, think again. Camp outside with the other fanatics.

But if you do camp, you should be well rewarded - he's promised to play for an hour or more, and to do songs by that band he used to be in. Wings? Oh no, that other band...