Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Better Be Home Soon

I was unexpectedly home today when the BFF gave me a call to see how I was doing. "Ugh, been better..." I said.

"Well," he responded, "Did you want to go to this Crowded House show at the Hotel Cafe today? It's a publishing thing - a bunch of music supervisors and stuff. Besides, you know the Hotel Cafe guys."

I did. And I also happen to love almost any band from Australia and/or New Zealand. And have always had a very soft spot for Crowded House. On my first visit to Melbourne, the song "Four Season in One Day" bounced around in my head since that town was its inspiration.

So, um, yea - I wanted to go see Crowded House at the Hotel Cafe (capacity 100 or so).

The show was wonderful. They played about 45 minutes or so, but I couldn't tell you what they did because I rarely remember. (I was once told that if you can hardly remember an event like that, that you must have been really into it. I'll take that.) I know they did "Fall At Your Feet" because that song makes me swoon, and I know they closed with "Don't Dream It's Over." And I know that Neil Finn still has a gorgeous, unique voice and I know that Nick Seymour is still goofy. The stage banter was charming and good spirited and the whole thing was incredibly cozy and sweet.

And it all made me wish I could get back Down Unda sooner than later...