Thursday, June 14, 2007

How Are Things on the West Coast?

I have a confession to make. I love Interpol. Like alot.

It's something I only realized recently. I have their albums and love them... Have them on vinyl too, actually. Because I'm a nerd. But a month or so ago, whenever I heard "The Heinrich Maneuver" on the radio, I thought, "Wow - I love this band." And then I thought, "Man, I LOVE this band!" They are just gloomy enough, just disco enough, just monotone enough, just lyrically obtuse enough, just stylized enough, just something.

And they just revamped the website, so check it here. Evidently they filmed the video clip to the track "Pioneer to the Falls" in Griffith Park, before the fire. (Bet they might have preferred to do it after...)

I don't want to meet them or anything. I'd love to see them live (and yes, I've seen them a few times) but they seem to be playing festivals alot and I pretty much don't do festivals. Seeing them live can be a bit of a chore anyway because they tend to be backlit and you basically watch four shadows moving around in some purple fog or something. Yawn.

I don't care about their suits or the Carlos D (has herpes!) hot gossip. If a member of the band was DJing somewhere in Hollywood or Silverlake or something, I probably wouldn't go. But I'm really excited about the new record, and I especially love that it's coming out on my birthday. Because I can't think of a better birthday treat than to lie back on my couch and soak in the latest from the dark popsters, and watch the sun sink below the Hollywood Hills from my living room window while doing so. And the part of the Hollywood Hills that burned down, too. Of course.