Saturday, June 23, 2007

Believe In Unicorns!

Please spread the word... My good friend Heather-Marie, aka Uni & Her Ukelele, was completely fucked by MySpace.

Here's the scoop: She had over 3500 friends before Myspace erroneously deleted her profile on Thursday. Why? Because they believe she was too young to have a profile. Or as they say she "violated the age requirements." This is total bullshit and it's a huge mistake on the part of Myspace. Heather lost all of her contacts, her entire calender of upcoming shows, and her main source of sharing her music on line. Not to mention all of her messages, comments, photos, artwork, and so on. THIS IS A HUGE LOSS FOR HEATHER! And to make matters worse, she's not even in the country. She's on tour of Europe trying to support herself as a musician.

If you know her, you know that Heather possesses amazing talent and has incredible artistic integrity. She recently quit her day job to focus on being a musician and to a large degree, Myspace has pulled the rug out from under her. If you know Heather, or know her music, or care about the state of creativity and artistic expression on-line in general, I encourage you to contact Myspace and tell them they made a mistake. Heather is not underage. She turned 30 on June 6th and doesn't deserve this kind of treatment. So please:

• Write to
• Go to
• Do all three, tell them that they messed up and you want Uni's page back up.

Be sure to mention her profile address which was Re-post this bulletin. A lot of people still don't know why her profile disappeared and she can use all the help she can get.