Friday, May 25, 2007

Let Me Tell You A Secret

This weekend, while I'm fighting traffic in order to get to San Diego and recovered my second car casualty within the space of a year, there will be super top secret fun to be had in Los Angeles. Especially if you're into rock and roll.

Topanga Days! Check out what the yippies and their kids do in the gorgeous firetrap that is Topanga Canyon. The Topanga County Fair runs from May 26-28, 11-6pm at the Topanga Community House located at 1440 North Topanga Canyon Blvd.. There's a bunch of cool music, like Carina Round, the Young Dubliners, John Doe, Spindrift, and Chevy Metal. Chevy Metal, you say? What the hell?

Well, that's the pseudonym for THE FOO FIGHTERS. They don't usually play Foo Fighters stuff, though - they switch it up and Dave gets back on the drums and hell breaks loose. Good times!

Also, on Sunday the 27th, Perry Farrell will be doing his record release party at the Little Radio Electric Vehicles Warehouse in Venice. It's secret, so crash it if you can! That's located at 602 Venice Blvd in Venice. Hot rumor on that one is that, um, he'll be performing a bit as well...

So enjoy your holiday weekend!