Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Warning: drunk post ahead. If I was really trying to be silly, I'd skip the spell check on this one.

Today my friend Scott posted a Pixies bootleg from 1989 on his blog. I'd recommend you all try to download it while you can... It's a bootleg from 1989, Vienna. Soundboard quality. Go here.
It'll only be there a little while...

I don't know why the Pixies captivated me the way they have. Many, many years ago, the BFF called me and said: "Go buy this record. "Come On Pilgrim." It's got a picture of a guy with a hairy back on the cover." I bought it. (I just trust myBFF that much.) And what I heard woke up something primitive and wild in me.... something that caused me to follow this band around
the state of California, and even go to a show after I'd had my foot broken the previous night in a Pixies moshpit.

To this day, I still can't explain it. When the Pixies first reunited and played the Glasshouse in Pomona the night before theirCoachella gig, I stood in front, shouting: "Thank you, thank you..." Is that not the dorkiest thing ever? Well, that's what happened. Even the next day, in front of
50,000 people, I was still testifyin'.

This is the band that inspired TV On The Radio to bust out "Mr. Grieves" in full on Planet Mars audio barbershop quartet. That got Kristin Hersh to do the Wave of Mutilation. That had thousands of college kids, outside of Boston, even, learning Spanish... That had the 7th guy I'd ever slept with too say, "Then God is 7." Dorky, yes, but not in my world. And it sorta matched his initials anyway. Sorta.

I had Pixies friends. People I went to the shows with, people who looked out for me in the pit... and vice versa. I'm still friends with them. The very first show my baby brother ever saw was with me, and it was in October 1989,at the UCSD Price Center,and it was the Pixies, with Bob Mould opening. I remember noticing my little brother was gone...Oh, wait... he's crowdsurfing...

I went to school at UC Berkeley and used to make fun of Deadheads. Then I realized I kind of was one - except for a different band. I followed this band up and down the state. And I can't exactly tell you why. When the Pixies reunited, I went to every Bay Area and LA show. Two shows in one night? I went to both. All. Whatever.

Stuck here out of gas...out here on the Gaza strip... from driving too fast...