Sunday, September 18, 2005

Too Cool For School

Every other Friday night, I DJ at the Burgundy Room in Hollywood. It's fun. The Burgundy is a cool dive, pretty small, generally too crowded, and filled with rocker types. Guys with mohawks, who have probably had a mohawk since 1978, girls with pirate tattoos and bleached hair, lots of denim and leather - you know. It can be a tough crowd, but my friend (who happens to own the joint) & I generally have a good time DJing there. Fridays can bring in a more diverse crowd, and we like to keep people entertained.

I used to DJ there once a week for about a year, but I got burnt out... Reason being that the regulars only want to hear "the regular" music. Basically, only songs that start with a guy yelling (in rapid fire): "One two three four!" As a result, I can no longer stand to hear the Ramones or Buzzcocks purely for entertainment. Somehow the Clash and the Misfits have escaped this fate - maybe because they are actually that good, maybe because I quit DJing there before those bands could also get burned across my eardrums and, therefore, I can still enjoy them.

There's always a bit of a goth element to the night too - kids love the Bauhaus and Ministry. This particular Friday (as an every other week thing, I can handle it) we got on a little goth dance jag. When I say jag, it's maybe 4 or 5 songs before we change it up. So we had Siouxsie ("Killing Jar"), the Cure ("The Walk"), Nitzer Ebb ("Control I'm Here"), and Depeche Mode ("Master & Servant") all played up - some people were dancing even - when we got passed this note:

Oh, oops! We were too gay! Well, if the person paasing the note had taken a close look, they would have noticed that I'm a screaming fag anyway. Come on, my name IS "Mo," after all. I kid, I kid. But it was so disheartening. So I countered this note by playing Judas Priest and Queen. Hello! They are rock, and they are TOTALLY GAY. I made sure to yell, "This is so gay!" over each cut. My friend really wanted to play Bronski Beat (the "tell me why!!!" but would have sounded so great) but we opted for L7 instead, so I could yell, "So lesbian!!!"

Non gays suck. Well, non gays who write lame post-it notes to DJs suck.

So here's something totally gay, from my gay best friend:

Arnold still hasn't officially vetoed the bill that would allow same-sex marriage in CA. If you have a moment, call his office... press a few buttons... and register your opinion in favor of the bill.

Follow these directions:

1. Call the Governator:916-445-2841

2. Push: 2 (voice your opinion on legislation)

3. Push: 1 (gender-neutral marriage bill - Senate Bill 849)

4. And push: 1 to support marriage equality

Do it - it'll be totally gay!