Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Pop in Wolf's Clothing

What's new? Well, this:

Wolf Parade s/t EP (Sub Pop)

Okay, they’re from Canada, some of them have played with the likes of Frog Eyes, Hot Hot Heat, and the Arcade Fire. They are the Next Big Thing in the Indie World. Do they deserve the hype? This little EP tosses out two tracks from their forthcoming full length and a couple extra tracks, and it’s chock full of what the kids love. Droney Stereolab keyboards with a groovy pop urgency fuel the appealing opener, “Shine A Light” while the following track, “You Are A Runner and I Am My Father’s Son” easily demonstrate the influence of both the Arcade Fire and Modest Mouse (whose Isaac Brock produced this track as well as others on the full length) in its quirky angular movements. They wrap up the EP with a little disco and a little more basic indie, but it promises an interesting debut if they stay a bit tougher than some of their Canadian compadres.