Monday, September 26, 2005

Just Another Shorty I Put the Naughty On...

Lots of stuff going on this week, soooooo...

I'm DJing on a Tuesday night(yes - the 27th - check your calendar), at the wonderful Short Stop in Echo Park! The Shorty was a cop hangout till some corrupt cops got nailed (there are even bulletholes in the walls somewhere, but it's too dark to see them). Then a few years ago, some hip, young, music industry types bought the place and made it cool for hip, young folks. These were all great guys who just love a good dive and a good time, and that's the kind of place the Shorty is today. They had dancing for a while, without permission from the city to have it or something, cuz they got busted and the dance floor went away... But it came back this past May, and I am absolutely thrilled to be spinning there. If you need any enticement, here's what the we'll have to offer:

Excellent grooves (punk'n'funk, rock'n'soul, hiphop, and... it wouldn't be me without some discolicious new-wavey type stuff tossed in!)

Even more excellent drinks

Plenty of free parking

A pool table and the photo booth for drunken making-out late in the evening


So, all you beautful people, come on down. A beyond-good time is promised. I picked up a plaid miniskirt while in Berlin just for this very occasion, therefore school uniforms are encouraged. ;)

The Shorty is at 1455 Sunset Blvd in Echo Parque. See you there, and wear your dancin' shoes!