Monday, September 05, 2005

Cuckoo CoCo

So... while I'm away... you get to read a review I did for a wonderful e-zine. For some reason, the editor is nutty enough to let me spout my weak opinion. Here goes!

Coco Rosie Noah’s Ark (Touch and Go)

These otherworldly sisters present their particular brand of trip hop folkie social commentary on Noah’s Ark, their sophomore album and continuation of themes explored on their first album, with even more help from their friends. A true stew of many, many influences without sounding like something chaotic, Coco Rosie succeed structuring songs that bear a strong imprint of classical or folk styles layered with found sounds like telephone rings, animal cries, toy pianos and other unexpected noises. Then the voices kick in, and suddenly it’s a waify Billie Holiday wail over a child’s lullaby, telling the tale of a sad gay orphan finding love in the prison system (“Beautiful Boyz”) or of tolerated violence in an underprivileged community (“South 2nd.). Guests like Antony (of Antony & the Johnsons, lending his best Nina Simone) and Devendra Banhart add more intriguing layers to the already The songs are lovely and haunting, the kind of melodies that you hum later but find always disturb you slightly.