Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Help Me If You Can

From My brethren at Amoeba SF... I know some of these dates have passed (sorry I'm lagging!) but perhaps you can offer some help with future auctions. Anyway, check it:

Amoeba Music Auctions for Red Cross Relief Efforts

Hurricane Katrina Relief... http://www.redcross.org/

Please help us help! We’re accepting donations of music, movies, and other related stuff (i.e. tickets, memorabilia, cross promotional items ranging from the strange and the obscure to cool and high demand)! All donations will be auctioned to raise funds for donation to the American Red Cross Emergency Services, and other organizations to Benefit Gulf Coast Victims. Amoeba is matching each donation dollar for dollar!

Our first auction will be held this Friday, September 9th, between 5:30 & 6 PM. The next auction is scheduled on Sunday, September 11th, time TBA. We would like to continue accepting auction-able items and scheduling events to follow, but we’ll need YOUR help.

In the store:

* Auctions will be held weekly for continued support in our San Francisco store, and possibly Berkeley as well!
* We plan to maximize what’s donated by auctioning at optimum times with relative events.
* Posters and flyers will be made and posted in our stores that include a tag directing attention to our website for a complete list of auction items, and other details.
* Random in-house announcements about auction details will be made building up to each event. Maybe we’ll get some support from local radio.

On the website:

· Your donation will be listed, with the respective auction details, and your logo and/or name. Perhaps dates and beginning bid prices will also be included.

In Our Ads:

· Bigger or more valuable items will be set to auction after our 9/14 advertising run date so that we can tag the auction items & details, and direct traffic to our website for more info.

Ideas and concerns, as well as donations are always appreciated.

We’ll accept cash, credit and checks made out directly to the Red Cross.

Questions? Need more info? Call or email Naomi. Thanks!

Naomi Salazar

Amoeba Music

1855 Haight St.

San Francisco, CA 94117

415.831.0395 Direct

415.831.1200 Main

415.786.7500 Cell