Thursday, September 22, 2005

La Vida Loca

Free music alert!

The Echo Park Music Festival is happening this weekend, at (duh) Echo Park. The lake, to be more specific. It's a music and art thang, and it won't set you back any cash, which is a bonus. The planners put it together to showcase the diversity of their community, so you can wander around, hear some cool music, check out some interesting art. Once the park closes at sunset, the fun moves over to the lovely Taix Lounge, where you can get the cheapest shot of Patron I've ever had the pleasure of having.

Here's an idea of the schedule:

Saturday the 24th...
3pm The Brokedown (at Sea Level Records)
4pm Icebird
4:40 Yoko Eno
5:15 Artichoke
6:00 Future Pigeon

Sunday the 25th...
4:40 Fosforo
5:15 MezKlah
6:00 Helen Stellar

Anyway, the weather is supposed to be lovely and it's always fun to stroll a festival... go here for more info.