Monday, January 31, 2005

Where the Sissies Hang

H is for Hersh. Kristin Hersh.

My favorite singer songwriter. From one of my favorite bands, the Throwing Muses. Still showing the world that rock is alive, with 50 Foot Wave. She's too scary to ever be in some Lillith Fair type thing, thank God. Over the years, I've met her and her family several times, interviewed her for KALX Radio, seen more shows (both solo and with her bands) than I can count, and was even able to book a show that she headlined. I once joked with her that every time she released a solo album, I was going through some sort of boy trauma and I related to her lyrics a bit too much. She's a wonderful person and a great talent, and kudos to her for still doing it, DIY and full-on. The full length 50 Foot wave album is due in March - keep an ear out for it.

And now, because I'm such a girl AND such a dork, I've picked my favorite lyrics from each of her albums.


It's four o'clock, I'm waiting; your face appears
I keep forgetting your name while I'm writing this, you... You crash through the wall... -Delicate Cutters

I tie your tie, set tables; I won't run your party, you can't run my life - But the waters run deep. -Mexican Women

I don't speak- I ramble he was a gamble... I just want to own something (young dirty street)
I can sleep with anything and more...
Stripped women stripped men, I fall instead of him - I'm useless in the light for the distance
I could break you for all the right reasons, I could hate you but what have I got? -Bea

That last one messed me up ; things look bad, things look tragic -
I keep looking in the mirror, afraid that I won't be there... -Ellen West

Hot things... Move him... I write on his wall: I have no heart at all. -Pearl

You can come back when you want - just know that I'll be here... I haven't left this step. -Me & My Charms

I'm so glad he's so charmed, that I'll walk him back home and I'll keep him in bed,
I'll walk out the door and I'll live there instead; I'll start at his knees and I'll end in his dreams... -Start

You can talk a blue streak, you can talk till you're blue - and we won't feel any finer than we do. -Night Driving

I broke me, I can break you too - Nobody tells me what to do.
I saw hope in my backyard, nobody told me this would be so hard... Not again -Hope

Faithful to the finish, I'm grateful to be in this with you
A fucker of a lifeline, a mother of a lifetime with you... with you... -Spring

How many times can you get fucked in how many different ways
To separate the good guys from disaster, and it's even sadder... -William's Cut

I'm so sorry I'm cardiac baggage, I'm so sorry you feel so bad... I'd do anything to fix you again,
I'm so sorry you feel so bad...Is everything feeling ok? -Pretty Or Not

You're gonna want to keep in touch with your silence, remember shy personal hell
I won't waste your mind with lies, and there's not much truth to tell... -Vitamins V

You already brought me to my knees - I'm cheap and here, like a souvenir... -Glory Weed