Friday, January 14, 2005

Make 'Em Laugh

Wednesday night I went to a little party. It was at the Friar's Club in Beverly Hills, which is kind of a legendary comedy club/bar/restaurant/hang. I was lucky. My roommate knows everybody, so my casual knowledge of the guest of honor got me in.

It was the first (hopefully of many?) Defamer party, and, sadly, there were no gift bags. (I hear Hollywood is trying to phase those out anyway, unless you're getting an Oscar or something.) Although there were no free gifts, there was free booze, which is a plus in my book. And there was no food, to really make you appreciate all the free booze. Hallelujah!

And although I suspected it going in, it was pretty bloggerific. I kinda do this for fun, and so did everyone else in the room. Pretty much. I also hear that there were actual movie studio VPs and other celeb types there, but unless I've seen your face on a gimangous screen while eating popcorn, the chances of me recognizing you are slim. (Especially after all that free booze.)

But the Friar's Club... waaaaaaaaaaay cool. It wasn't that it was architecturally great, or even had terribly interesting decor, it was more about the sense of history. I think I only got to see about a third of the place, but when I walked in the door, I was greeted by three portraits: Frankie, Dino, and Sammy. There were two more off to the side; a couple guys named Milton Berle and Bob Hope. Upstairs were more portraits of well known members, like Larry King, Red Buttons, and Martha Rae (her Academy Award was in the case with her portrait). And right next to the bar? A life size portrait of Sinatra, tilted fedora and all.

The bar was very Frank worthy - that barkeep could pour a drink. I had one and a half before I realized that finishing that second drink would make me flammable. It was good peeps and good times, and definitely a classy joint.

(photo stolen from new blogger acquaintance, Boi From Troy.)