Monday, January 17, 2005

Pieces of Me

Just some things of interest:

The PLUG Independent Music Awards nominee list has been posted. Go here to vote. PLUG is an online community of boho types (musicians, DJs, artists, writers) from all around the country championing the cause of independent music, and they've had all kinds of input just to come up with the nominees. Of course, I care because two of my old places of employment (and favorite places ever) are nominated: KALX, Berkeley and Amoeba Music Hollywood. WOXY - one of my favorite stations - is in there too. Got your WFMU and KEXP as well. And check out the artists list (Mark Lanegan, Dios, RJD2, cLOUDEAD, Comets On Fire, Hot Snakes, Nick Cave) - crazy selection.

Greg Dulli, of the Afghan Whigs and more recently the Twilight Singers, has yet another project. The collaboration with Mark Lanegan (The Gutter Twins) has been put on hold for a while, so the Gringo (as I like to refer to him) got the original lineup of TS back, grabbed one of the Fountains of Wayne guys, and put together the Uptown Lights, a group that will be doing all soul/ r&b covers. If you're in LA on the 19th of February (like I won't be), check them out at Spaceland and watch Greg get his Marvin on.

I heard a funny story about Colin Farrell violating my favorite Hollywood hang, the Burgundy Room, this weekend. Evidently he was there last Thursday, hitting a few of the rougher looking the patrons up for coke. Not getting any, he set his sights on a pair of lovelies at the bar. He asked one if he could make out with her, and then made out with the other one instead. Turned out the two girls were sisters, and the rejected one was pretty bummed out. Guess Colin didn't feel like dealing with the paparazzi up the street at Paris' favorite dive, the Concorde.

More Hollywood tales to come... it was a three day weekend, after all!