Friday, August 19, 2005

Thanks and Welcome!

I wasn't brought up in a barn. Really. But I also am very, very slow sometimes.

So an extremely belated Thank You to the wonderful folks at LAist for letting me drink on their dime at their 1st Anniversary shindig back on the 4th. It's truly a quality site for anyone living in LA and anyone thinking about living or visiting here - chock full of all kinds of newsy bits, culture (we DO have some!), history, reviews - all well done, interesting, fun to read, and valuable. They know their shit. So check it out already! I also got to hang with a Jason, who edits the thing, and is possibly the sweetest most adorable boy around these days. Negro, please! We all had crushes on you by the end of the night. (Maybe the free booze helped.) I was also honored to meet the ladies of Go Fug Yourself, a truly helpful, clever, and freakin' hilarious read. They are the true "what not to wear" women. Hi Jessica & Heather!

Bloggers unite. Geekdom rules!

On another note, any of you Eastsiders who want to brave the Hollywood parking jungle should do so, and come on down to the Burgundy Room tonight! I'll be DJing with my pal, Mr. I, and we tend to rock the house. It'll be a VERY good time.
The Burgundy is on Cahuenga between Hollywood and Sunset, near all those other bars. We'll be there at 10pm, so come get your drink on!