Tuesday, August 30, 2005

So You Wanna Be A Rock & Roll Star?

A couple Sundays ago, I went to a party at this mansion up the street from my house. It's called the Paramour, and it's owned by a savvy local businesswoman who bought it for a steal and now rents it out to film and tv productions. Currently, it's being used by the show, Rock Star Inxs, to house the contestants. I guess. I don't watch the show. I work on the music for the show, and I try to get to their parties. Free booze in a mansion with 360 degree views of LA is nice.

It was at this party that I got to rub elbows with some sort of celeb types: Seth Green, Lauren Holly, Hank Azaria,Brooke Burke (with kids!), Dave Navarro, and Matthew Perry. There were maybe about 50 people there, drinking and jamming and shit like that.

Eventually, I got to speak with each contestant. They were easy to pick out, because they were the flamboyant ones. Then they all did a little performance with the piano and/or guitars, they're signature songs, I guess. One girl (Deanna?) did "Piece of My Heart," Marty did "Mr. Brightside," Doris did "Man Who Sold the World..." I think Mig sang "Don't Change," which is appropriate because he's the only Aussie in the bunch. That J.D. character did "Mystify." My guess is that he'll win, because he was doing the full Michael Hutchence.... But what do I know? never watch American Idol either. I don't know what the people in this country want; our tastes tend to differ.

Anyway, I wanted to talk to these kids because I knew this mansion was haunted. I'd heard stories about it from friends of the owner. And yes, each contestant had a little tale to tell! Nothing too shocking, though. Marty swears that every night, he is awakened by something at exactly 12:34. (My question is - how is a wanna be rock star even in bed at 12:34?) A couple other contestants had similar being-awakened-at-the-same-time things. Although, 2 people in two different rooms were woken up by two different dreams at the same time. Repeatedly. There was one story of a roaming watch, and finally a pair of slippers giong missing for quite a few weeks only to appear sitting in an open space directly under the pool table in plain view of everyone. That's when the 8 ball went missing.

Pretty harmless stuff. But I betcha they don't edit it into the show!