Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Cartoon Networking

Sunday night, I was having a drink with Seth Green and I got to tell him that I think "Robot Chicken" is genius.

You think I'm kidding. I'm totally not! "Robot Chicken" is brilliant! It's a stop-motion animation show on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, which uses old toys and claymation and the like to skewer current pop culture, all in tiny little segments barely a minute long each. Sometimes there's a common thread, sometimes it's just... "Wha..?" I love that. Favorite clips of mine include the Zombie American Idol, Michael Moore's search for the action figure heroes of yesterday (including a transformer that goes from fighter robot to port-a-potty) and the sci-fi/comic geek rumble. Seth Green is co-creator of the show, which features tons of celebrity guest pals of his. It's hilarious. And only 15 minutes long, so it never wears out its welcome.

So then Seth says to me, "Awesome! Thanks! So you like cartoons?" And I said, "I totally LOVE cartoons, but I love warped claymation even more!" And he started to laugh and said, "Wow, thanks! It's doing really well and we're having a lot of fun." "Well, cheers then!" I said, and we clinked margaritas.

Then I kicked Dave Navarro in the leg. Discreetly, but he noticed and I pretended that I got something in my shoe and was trying to shake it out and that was how I kicked him. But really, I did it on purpose because a friend of mine asked me to kick him if I saw him.

Oh, you probably want to hear this whole story. Okay, I'll tell you later, but mostly I just want you all to watch Robot Chicken.