Tuesday, July 26, 2005

You, the Night & the Music

A couple Saturdays ago, me and the BFF went out for a little night on the town. This night involved booty shaking and alleged prayer circles, but we didn't actually see either.

First off, we tried to hit the MOCA. I say tried, because we didn't actually get into the place, but we hung around outside for a while. It was the opening night party for the Basquiat retrospective (which will be there through October) and it was a madhouse of beautiful people. Grandmaster Flash was DJing in the plaza in front of the museum, and there was a line of people with passes (like us) going down the street for blocks. Many, many blocks. We stood in line and checked out the crowd. There were clubby people, artsy people, hipster kids, yuppies... The whole shebang. Everyone looked a little snooty, but mostly nice. I guess we must have looked that way, too.

After about a half hour, the line had moved about a block. we still had 4 to go, and a concert to get too, so we decided to leave. Besides, we could already hear the 80's hoochie jams Grandmaster Flash was spinning, and as much as a retro delight as it may have been for some, it was mainly a playlist of songs that I had to be drunk in Tijuana to dance to they first time they came around anyway. In other words, not a big deal that we left.

Off to the sanctuary of the El Rey theatre to see Sufjan Stevens.

I've been pronouncing his name "Suf- Jan," but I guess it's actually "Suf-E-Yan," so I felt a bit like a dork. I like him ok, my BFF loves him and thinks he's hunky. (He is.) We had been forewarned that he is such a spiritual type, that there was always potential for prayer circles to bust out during his shows, and I secretly prayed for such a thing to happen. I haven't been around a prayer circle since I was at 6th grade camp back in Catholic school. Would anyone sing "Kumbayah?" I hoped so. That would be something! But it didn't happen, and instead we tried to spot all the closeted gay guys in the crowd, and count how many people were proudly wearing state shirts (since this was the Come On, Feel the Illinoize tour). I think we counted about 6, and one of them said "Brooklyn," but we included it anyway.

How was the show? It was very sweet. The band was tight, the harmonies were beautiful, and the "cheers" they came up with for each state were pretty great. Don't expect a playlist from me, as I don't own anything by the guy. I can tell you he did the creepy serial killer song. He did the zombie song also. It was a little too precious for my taste, like a cross between Belle & Sebastian and Iron & Wine... And I'll pick Iron & Wine every time. It was packed, and we saw no prayer circles.

Maybe next time. Or maybe everyone was praying at the MOCA. Prayin' on the dance floor, baby!