Sunday, July 24, 2005

Kick in the Eye

The letter T? TONES ON TAIL.

How sexy was this band? Pretty sexy. It was a Bauhaus side project for Daniel Ash and Kevin Askins with a Bauhaus roadie named Glenn Campling, that went full time when Bauhaus broke up. It didn't last all that long, as Daniel got annoyed with the roadie, couldn't get Peter Murphy back into the band, but got David J back and started that whole Love & Rockets thing. They only released one real album and a smattering of singles and EPs, but every time you hear one of their songs... it registers. Was there such a thing as funky goth before them? Bauhaus dabbled in it, but Ash took it further with Tones on Tail, and also included beautiful atmospheric instrumental numbers that anyone could use to dream their days away once the dancing was over. You know "Go!" from the clubs (and car commercials) with it's distinctive "ya-ya's" and tinkly percussion, but you've probably also heard the lovely midnight garden sounds of "You, the Night & the Music" or the "peppy" goth goodness of "Ok, This Is The Pops."

If you like Love & Rockets and didn't know about Tones On Tail, go get the Everything comp as it has, well, everything. Then turn out the lights.