Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Office Space

I work in a decent office, lots of people scattered around, some in cubicles, some not. I'm not in a cubicle, but I'm not in an office either. I'm sort of in a huge corner, lots of space to roll around in, and 2 big walls of windows. But I also don't have any proper walls or a door, so unless I'm in one corner of my corner, I'm pretty visible to everyone who wanders by.

But I have lots of wall space above my desk, and since I work in the music biz, lots of posters and stuff too. It's my little dorm room: concert posters, band posters, promo pictures... shit like that. I also have the luxury of listening to whatever my computer will get - CD or streaming radio or what have you - all day.

Thing is, I sometimes have to listen to other peoples' music as well.

I keep mine at a level where no one else can really hear it, as do most folks. There is ONE guy, though (isn't there always?) who tends to crank his shit up. At least it's sporadic, but it's about what he's playing, you know?

It's generally either gospel or late 70's/early 80's r&b. Not that I have anything against those genres. Really, though, I don't need to hear "The Greatest Love At All" at top volume while I'm attempting to negotiate some deal. "Caribbean Queen," one of my two most hated songs of all time, still makes a regular appearance on his decks. I actually had to get crazy and tell him how I'm particularly weird about that song, and hearing it makes me want to rip things apart with my bare hands.

Best of all, though, is when he sings along. In a falsetto. Today it was Kool & the Gang's "Get Down On It," and he would happily interject with the various "so whatcha gonna do" lines. He really loves to sing along with the girls, "Let's Hear It For the Boy" really being a favorite.

Another co-worker of mine, who used to sit closer to him than I do (which is basically across a hallway - and STILL he bugs me!) used to crank up her stereo when he played something especially offensive. Her weapons were the Kings of Leon, Queens of the Stone Age, and the Stills. I'm sure this infuriated him, but he'd turn it up and then she'd turn it up and the next thing you know... the entire floor didn't ever want to hear either "The Still In Love Song" or "What Have You Done For Me Lately" ever again. She got another job, so the rest of us get sporadic bursts from the one offensive guy, but usually... it's tolerable.

I did crank LCD's "Losing My Edge" today though. I just love that song.