Thursday, July 07, 2005

R.I.P. Hot Snakes

"So the rather sad news to report is that Hot Snakes will be packing it in after our current plans. It was a complete thrill to be part of and satisfied my insatiable hunger for sinister, throbbing action. Thank you to all that urged us along and leant an ear for us to abuse." - John Reis

Bands in San Diego are terribly inbred, this one being no exception. Members met early on as Pitchfork, then morphed into Rocket From the Crypt, which sort of branched off into the aggresively mathy Drive Like Jehu. And from all of that sprung the Hot Snakes... Raw, edgy, defiant, intense, simple white guy rawk, built to last.

They'll be doing a few final shows; check out the website, SoCal kids - I think we get 'em.

Another great San Diego band bites the dust.