Sunday, December 28, 2008

Where Was I?

This year, the blog took a bit of a beating. I think I've reduced the readership to really sweet friends who know I do this from time to time and check in (as opposed to those glory days of yore when we were a stop on the train and even getting nominated for something in Oz). And you know what? That's totally cool by me. Blogs are a bit of a vanity project, right? I thank my pals who do check in. And I give you pictures!

I've been traveling a bunch this year. I've had a sort of insane 2008... to say the least. So I thought it would be nice to show you guys some of the things that have kept me away from you (in a writer-y sort of way, anyhow) over the course of the year.

January 2008: My year started off smashingly.

Yep, one of those cars is mine, and I was stuck with a rental (a convertible, though!) for the next two months. I get to testify in court against the drunk teenager who nailed the 5 cars involved and left his behind as he ran from the scene. That was fun.

February 2008: Moonlight beach, Encinitas.

My mom passed away, and I spent some time at home with the family, saying our goodbyes.

March 2008: SXSW!
So many bands, so little time... I was thrilled by much, because music is the wind beneath my wings. Like, really.

I'm pretty sure this was the first time Duffy played in the States, and she was utterly charming and a blast to watch.

April 2008: me & my friends go a-gardening.

Have you ever been to the Huntington Gardens in Pasadena? You really should go. My friends and I got dressed up and wandered the lovely grounds for hours. And I said some naughty words in front of old ladies and made an Australian blush. Wow!

May 2008: Hola, EspaƱa!
First, Madrid's architectural majesty, and gay schnauzers in drag:

Then, Barcelona's architectural insanity, and bathing shrimp:

(Note the peas balanced on their heads. Awesome.)

June 2008: One of many, many trips to Disneyland this year. Really. There were quite a few. This trip, we got to preview the Toy Story 3D ride, which we proceeded to ride 100 million times. Or 11. It's all a blur, as you can imagine.

July 2008: Every weekend, a different town...

Really, Phoenix, San Diego, Palm Springs, Big Bear...where I tried to be At One with the Forest Creatures.

August 2008: 4 Non Blondes (not the horrible band - a bunch of actual brunettes) descend upon my Dad and Encinitas. And Del Mar - for the ponies!

September 2008: Air travel all month...

Monolith at Red Rocks - awesome music, awesome venue, awesome friends.

I Heart Denver.

And then, off to London with Raquel!

And a little side jaunt to Berlin, to check in on my Special Friend, Mr. W.

October 2008: Halloween prep! Duh!

November 2008: Just a few trips home for some hang time and some holidays... never a bad thing when your home is like this:

December 2008: Salvador da Bahia, Brazil.

Whew. No wonder I need to get some sleep...