Saturday, December 20, 2008

Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon

After another night of dancing, my motivations today were non-existent. I only have a couple of days left, but I've done quite a bit, and thought it would be okay to just chill. (As if hanging out on the beach isn't chill enough, right?)

I actually slept in this morning - more than I have since I got here. No one was out in the street yelling about something, selling something, announcing something from a speaker in the back of the truck... No, it was raining.

It rains just about every day. The first couple days I was here, it would rain at about noon or 1pm. Bring the humidity down a notch. Then it didn't rain at all, then some gentle morning showers.

Today we got a big downpour. Since I was born and raised in California, thunderstorms are pretty exotic. Sure, we'll get rain in the winter (sometimes), but it's always cold and dreary when it does rain. Here, it's much more tolerable. It's still 80 degrees out, and the rain feels refreshing, sounds great, smells wonderful... Yea, you just don't get this in California. I know lots of places do - I was in a couple summer downpours like this in Melbourne a few years back, and Florida, and well, all over the place. But this - I kept the doors open so I could hear the water running off the patio roof, loud as it was, because it was just so darned cool.

My only real errand of the day was to buy pants. I know - it's hot and humid, why on earth would you need pants? Believe it or not, people wear jeans all day here. And the other night, Carlos said something about wearing long sleeves and such to keep from being bitten by bugs. And my legs look so diseased at this point that I'm horrified by them myself. So - pants. I found a really light & loose pair that were nice (because people here never really look like slobs) and comfy, and, most importantly, don't show even so much as my bite-riddled ankles. Success!

After that, it was lounging and reading on Kitaytay's patio. When evening fell, I went for a walk along the coast - her place is a block down from the Yacht Club, so there are always interesting boats lit up on the horizon to watch.

Not a bad way to spend the day...