Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Many Moments in a Year...

I've noticed that as I get older, and my friends have ever-sprouting children, and work becomes ever more entertaining, that time absolutely whizzes by. So many things happen in the brief span of a year, and this year has been a doozy. Aside from my own personal tragedies (losses of my mother, grandfather, and grandmother) and triumphs (fantastic job and amazing new friends), and national tragedies (Ike, Prop 8) and triumphs (OBAMA!!!)... I wanted to pick out a few of my favorite moments from this year. Things that won't be forgotten.

20. My first ride around the Silverlake reservoirs on my new bicycle.

19. Kitaytay's wedding.

18. Riding the Toy Story 3D ride at California Adventure about a zillion times before it was open to the public! And having a wonderful day with Kevs, 'Nay, Little J, G&T.

17. Yeasayer. Live. Anytime.

16. Sitting on the street in Austin with Baca, shootin' the shit, eatin' hot dogs, at 4am during SXSW.

15. Watching the stellar breakdancers at the Spread Eagle in London with Raquel, Lita, Lola & Alex.

14. Dancing with Felipe in Brazil!

13. The almost thwarted margarita lunch with my most fab-u-lous friend, Ms. J.P. No Metro train hold-ups, dead cell phones or rain of bird shit could keep us apart!

12. My birthday "cake" consisting of caramel apples. 'Nay is a genius!

11. On the balcony of Club 33 watching Fantasmic at Disneyland with Team MoT├ęCardickson.

10. Roasted cheese on a stick on the lovely beach of Barra, Brazil.

9. Interviewing Kristin Hersh on July 7th at Little Radio... I've been lucky enough to interview her a few times, but on this day, we (me, her & her hubby/manager Billy) had about an hour beforehand to shoot the shit. By the time the interview started, we were all in a silly and happy place, and I've never had more fun interviewing anyone in my life. How lucky that it happened to be an artist whose work I have admired for all of her career!

8. MONOLITH 2008: I can't pick one moment - there were so many. Perfect friends, perfect music, perfect town. My friends made me smile, Cut Copy made me dance, DeVotchKa made me swoon, Denver warmed my heart despite the chill.

7. Walking around Big Bear with Norris, 'Nay, & Kevs singing Bjork's "Hyperballad" with faux Icelandic accents.

6. The Avett Brothers in California last spring: the shows were rip-roaring, heartbreaking, sing-a-long funfests. And the company of Kevs, Baca, G, & the BFFF made it all the more magical.

5. Cruising with Raquel in a rented convertible listening to old school hip hop on an unexpectedly hot winter's day.

4. Team MoT├ęCardickson's Huntington Gardens photo shoot on a lovely spring day.

3. My beloved Spuds and their kids and family who came to my mom's memorial party, and made it even more fun than we had planned to make it.

2. Mr. W playing guitar for me in Berlin.

1. Barcelona, May 25th: me & my little brother going to see our friend Uni (& Her Ukelele) perform in a fabulous little club, and her dedication of "Tell Me That My World Is Pink Not Blue" to my mom, whose ashes we had scattered that morning with my Dad and little sister. Uni had played it for my mom just before she was diagnosed with cancer, and my mom fell in love with it. As had me & my brother. It was a beautiful, bittersweet moment - that left many in tears, and I know that it was the perfect tribute to my mom - a creative, conflicted and vibrant spirit who loved all things creative, conflicted and vibrant.

2009? Bring it on!