Thursday, March 29, 2007

We Got the Message - I Heard It on the Airwaves

Here ya go, people... the Little Radio playlist for March 29, 2007:

Dirty Man - Laura Lee
My Friend Jack - The Smoke
Antichrist Television Blues - The Arcade Fire
Windfall - Son Volt
Blackstone - Kristin Hersh
Thuggery - You Am I
Birthday (Christmas Eve/Day version) - Sugarcubes (with Jesus & Mary Chain
Under the Illusion - Dimmer
Lest I Forget - The One AM Radio
Just As I Thought - William Bell
Brand New Cadillac - The Clash
Kingdom of Doom - The Good The Bad & The Queen
Nothing Matters When We're Dancing - The Magnetic Fields
Elephant Gun - Beirut
We're Leaving - Devotchka
La Noche y Tu - Lola Beltran
Tojo - Hoodoo Gurus
Welcome to Nowhere - The Mint Chicks
Jerkin' Back & Forth - Devo
Magick - The Klaxons
Circuitry of the Wolf - Mew
Baby I love You - Aretha Franklin
In My Room - Yaz
Someone Great - LCD Soundsystem
A Method - TV On The Radio
Ego Tripping - Nikki Giovanni
Fat Mama - Tito Puente
Finger Poppin' - Ike & Tina Turner
Too Nice to Talk To - The English Beat
Strugglin' - Howard Tate
Faith To Arise - Terry Reid
The Red Lantern - Jeff Klein
So Full of Holes - Actionslacks
Imogene Threw Me Over - Actionslacks

There ya go!

And if I have any advice for any of you, especially if you're in California, it's to check out Actionslacks and You Am I this weekend. A stellar rock spectacle, raw and rowdy. Bottom of the Hill in SF on the 31st, and Spaceland in LA on the 1st. Hope you can make it!