Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Tune In, Tune Out, Tune Back In...


One DJ at a time.

It's time to rock! And roll! And all the other stuff you can shake your ass too!

Thursdays, 8-10pm PST (11pm EST, 3am Fridays in Berlin, and 3pm Friday in Oz... I think... Our daylight savings thing has me all out of sorts.)

Tune in! And if you won't be at your computer, tune in anyway! Make me feel the love, friends!

This week I'm bringing new stuff from Beruit, Arcade Fire, the Mint Chicks, LCD Soundsystem, Amy Millan and the Klaxons... Also bringing not so new stuff from Jeff Klein, Actionslacks, You Am I, TV On the Radio, Hoodoo Gurus, the Clash, and the Sugarcubes... And some straight up old stuff from Aretha Franklin, William Bell, Howard Tate, Terry Reid and much much more.

So tune in! And if you tune in earlier, you can catch Scott Ford's (you know, the awesome bass player for the Twilight Singers) supremely awesome radio show... complete with game shows and everything!