Monday, March 26, 2007

A Little Cheese With That Wine

Last week I was supposed to go see Amy Winehouse play at Spaceland... I saw her at SXSW, because I had a sneaking suspicion something would come up and I wouldn't get to see her back in LA in our tiny little hipster haven.

Monday night, she played with the Dap-Kings (just like in Austin) at the Roxy. I had the flu. Since my friends run the box office, I could've dragged myself over, but I opted to rest and drag myself to Spaceland instead.

By Tuesday morning, the rumors had already started... "The band is too big to play at Spaceland." "Looks like the Spaceland show is going to be cancelled." "Amy cancelled her radio station appearance this afternoon, looks like the show's not gonna happen."

Finally, that afternoon, it was officially cancelled. To quote the BFF: "They tried to make me play at Spaceland, but I said No No No..."

Maybe she was hit on just a little too hard by Bruce Willis (who was evidently calling her out from the side of the stage, and banging on her dressing room door backstage), or even worse, Sisqo (trying to get back on some sort of radar?) the night before at the Roxy? Perhaps she succumbed to the infamous Sunset Strip all night fueling frenzies? After all, we know she has a nose for the fun stuff...

It turned out that her band flew back to the east Coast on Tuesday afternoon, to rejoin Sharon Jones (their usual gig) so they could fly off to Europe for shows in France that were starting this week. Did Spaceland even have a chance?

On Saturday night, my dear friend Kevs was at the Roxy for Perez Hilton's birthday party. Kevs is pals with both Perez and the actual Paris, who showed up later. Along with Kelly Osbourne and... ahem, Amy Winehouse. Kevs is one of those people who will say anything to you, pretty much, no matter who "you" are... which is why he walked up to Amy Winehouse and said, "Thanks for cancelling the Spaceland show."

"Wot?" responded Amy, slightly taken aback. Here was a grizzly of a gay man getting all up in her face about Spaceland?

"Thanks for cancelling the Spaceland show, I'd only been looking forward to it for months. Actually, the whole group of people I was supposed to be going with had been looking forward to it for months as well."

"Sorry," said Amy. "But I'll be back!"

"That doesn't matter," huffed Kevin. "I don't want to see you at the Wiltern or wherever you play the next time around. I've liked you since the first album and I was excited to see you in an intimate venue."

"Well, I'll be at Coachella," she said, somewhat flabbergasted.

"I don't want to see you at Coachella," said Kevin. "But I will have my picture taken with you." She had to say yes. Then Kelly Osbourne asked if he'd like to take a picture with her, and he said no. This made Paris Hilton laugh... Good, cuz I would have been laughing my ass off too.

Amy, don't piss off gay men. They are a huge part of your fan base (who does that beehive wig of yours anyway?) and hold grudges.

Like I said, I sure am glad I caught her in Texas...