Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Away From the Waves

It was last Saturday, the first Saturday in June, and it was really crazy hot. One of those dry Los Angeles one-hundred-degrees-in-the-shade hot. The sky was piercingly blue, because it hadn't quite been hot enough for it to be brown, and it was just rainy recently, so things were still a bit... clean. No June gloom yet.

I was leaving Los Feliz, having finished up with some errands (more like shopping and fondling kittens for far too long - they were sooooo cute!) and was cruising down Hillhurst to Sunset. I was, of course, listening to Powder Burns by the Twilight Singers, which has hardly left my car stereo since March. Majestic. "Underneath the Waves" came on as I made that left onto Sunset, and the sundown absolutely blazed in through my rear window. It was that "brightest before the dark" thing, when sunglasses aren't really all that much help. "Underneath the Waves" is not my number one song on the album, but at that particular moment, it was the only song that could even possibly have worked, especially as I cruised back up my street and towards my place. It was like there was nothing else except for that light and that song.

It would have been sooooooo much better if my sunroof wasn't busted, because then everyone else would have heard it too. But that's something I keep meaning to fix.

In the meantime, go get that album.