Wednesday, April 27, 2005


The main reason I became interested in Australia was because of the music. I already liked some bands from there, and then I hooked up with this guy who was absolutely dedicated to bands from Australia and New Zealand, had gone to uni in Melbourne, and had friends from his school days dropping in on us for months at a time. So then I got to know even MORE about these bands. You got your Nick Cave & Midnight Oil, and then there are the Triffids and Blue Ruin and the Clouds and You Am I and the Easybeats and... I'm not gonna write about any of them.

Instead I'm going to write about 30 Odd Foot of Grunts. (Whom I saw once.) This band is just a glorified bar band, but happens to be headed by one Russell Crowe. And, whoa is me, they just broke up. I think. It's all abuzz on the internet, but the website is mostly about Russell's NEW SOLO WORK! Cool, huh? He's a singer songwriter. And if you go to the site, you can read all kinda of groovy messages from him about practising his musical craft, and a bit more.

About writing and the postponement of his current film with Nicole Kidman: I wrote a song called "Raewyn" (ed. note - available now on iTunes!) with Alan Doyle in Toronto in June or July, he happened to have planned his honeymoon for NZ and Aust in Jan/Feb, we hooked up after he and his wife had a grand adventure, he was going to be around, Eucalyptus fell over, I had time and we both had the inclination, stories just started to pour out.

About the media: Maybe I shouldn't write to you in this manner because it certainly gives lazy and petty people something to do with their days, however, all the other options are quite simply tainted.

And family: Suddenly after all this time, something had changed in my life and my grandfather and I, he being dead for 26 years , had something in common, a son called Charlie.

If you want to get up close and personal with Russell, go here to read more.

Anyway, I kinda heart Russell Crowe, even though I think he's probably an asshole. He's in that category of egotistical macho entertainers I can't help but love, like Robert Mitchum and Greg Dulli. They're guys who absolutely don't give a shit what anybody thinks, do and say whatever the hell they want, and are damned talented on top of it. And a lot of people hate them, but they keep (or in Bob's case - kept) putting stuff out that folks just eat up for dessert.

Just don't date them.