Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Uh Huh - That's Right

Went to the Fischerspooner CD release party on Tuesday night at the oh-so-clever Cinespace in Hollywood. Sometimes it's fun just to be in the middle of all that Hollywood action, especially on a Tuesday night.

The Cinespace is one of those super hip places that charges waaaaaay too much for drinks while. Their schtick is that they show a cool movie and serve dinner for a whole lotta money, and after 10pm, it's dancing time! On Tuesdays, the hipster crowd takes over and you see lots of hair wax, vintage athletic wear and malnourished yet bronzed kids who also hang out at Spaceland. Steve Aoki of Dim Mak records spins with some help, and this evening that help included Casey Spooner of NYC's artier-than-anything electro clash ensemble, Fischerspooner.

I was lucky enough to have been invited by a friend who was on the guestlist with a plus one. I love being a plus one! And they were even serving free Vodka-crans till 11pm, so we each grabbed one of those babies. After that, we sort of wandered around and checked everybody out who was checking everybody else out. You know. We counted the number of early 80's Addidas sweatsuit jackets we saw on the kids (far too many!). We hypothesized about all the hair products on display in the living product ad we were in. I think me & my two friends were the only people in the room without some elevation on our heads.

Eventually, we were ushered into a nice side room where there was more free booze and - whoa - drugs! How rock & roll! It turned out we'd made it into the VIP lounge, because of the guy who put us on the list in the first place. This meant we could have our own audience with Casey Spooner, who was an extremely gracious guy.

He was very sweet and didn't have goofy hair at all, just a puffy pirate jacket of sorts which I sort of made fun of when I was leaving. No matter, I'm sure he thought I was high anyway - everyone else was.

I didn't get to see him DJ, nor did I see any famous types although I'm sure some were wandering about. I turn into a pumpkin a little past midnight these days, so I said my goodbyes and went home. But as I thanked Mr. Spooner for the lovely evening, he held my hand and stared into my eyes and said, "Where did you come from?" And I laughed because I thought he was kidding, but he still looked very serious. So I answered, "Oh, just down the street." (Something to that effect is usually my stock answer when I get asked that - which is often.) And he said, "No, really, thank you so much for being here. Thank you." He was rubbing my hands in such a way that I flashed back to 1991... Oh, he's on ecstasy! Maybe.

Or he was just really, really, stoked.